Floral Trim Bodycon Dress


This lovely formfitting bodycon knee length dress is perfect to wear for any occasion. It can take you from work to dinner or a party. A slenderizing multi-color floral print wraps from the torso sides to the front. The back is solid black and features a zipper closing. 

Please consult size chart prior to ordering to assure proper fit,

S: Dress Length: 98cm / 38.6inch; Bust: 81-86cm / 31.9-33.9inch; Waist: 65-70cm / 25.6-27.6inch; Sleeve Length: 34.5cm / 13.6inch; Hips: 86-91cm / 33.9-35.8inch;

M:Dress Length: 99cm / 39.0inch; Bust: 86-91cm / 33.9-35.8inch; Waist: 70-75cm / 27.6-29.5inch; Sleeve Length: 35cm / 13.8inch; Hips: 91-96cm / 35.8-37.8inch;

L: Dress Length: 100cm / 39.4inch; Bust: 91-96cm / 35.8-37.8inch; Waist: 75-80cm / 29.5-31.5inch; Sleeve Length: 35.5cm / 14.0inch; Hips: 96-101cm / 37.8-9.8inch;   
XL: Dress Length: 101cm / 39.8inch; Bust: 96-101cm / 37.8-39.8inch; Waist: 80-85cm / 31.5-33.5inch; Sleeve Length: 37cm / 14.6inch; Hips: 101-106cm / 39.8-41.7inch;

2XL: Dress Length: 102cm / 40.2inch; Bust: 101-106cm / 39.8-41.7inch; Waist: 85-90cm / 33.5-35.4inch; Sleeve Length: 37cm / 14.6inch; Hips: 106-111cm / 41.7-43.7inch;

3XL: Dress Length: 102cm / 40.2inch; Bust: 106-111cm / 41.7-43.7inch; Waist: 90-95cm / 35.4-37.4inch; Sleeve Length: 38cm / 15.0inch; Hips: 111-116cm / 43.7-45.7inch;

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