About Bubblelingo

Thank you for visiting ShopBubblelingo.com. Bubblelingo’s products are inspired by our colorful, joyful, uplifting and expressive emojis. Choose from a wide range of T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Leggings, Tank Tops, Dresses, Swimsuits and much more.

We are a small, young and driven company located in Lighthouse Point, Florida. Our CEO Christine Menaged created Bubblelingo when she saw the need for a creative all-in-one messaging app that could be accessed and used worldwide to stay connected and have fun with family and friends.  Seeing the broad range of demographics drawn to Bubblelingo and Bubblelingo’s animated speech bubble emojis because they transform into many shapes, colors and personalities expressing the emotions we can all relate to and experience, led Christine to expand the brand and her vision.

Our Bubblelingo messaging app available in both the iOs App Store and the Google Play Store, with its imaginative Design Tool, offers users a creative friendly method to communicate using text, voice, video and an event planner. It integrates with our online store making the app a full community experience. With innovative technology, Bubblelingo users can even place products over photos to visualize how they will look in many of our items prior to purchasing.   

Our ShopBubblelingo e-commerce store offers consumers a variety of moderately priced colorful and fun products.  These include Bubblelingo Chatwear,fashionable clothing, accessories and home goods that incorporate Bubblelingo exclusive and unique prints and patterns designed around our speech bubble emojis and carefully chosen products that reflect Bubblelingo’s upbeat energetic style offering consumers the ability to express emotion through fashion.

Our future plans include engaging creative contests integrated with the app and Let’s Talk Bubblelingo, a Youtube channel that will both entertain Bubblelngo fans and promote the contests.

Our Bubblelingo brand offers consumers a tremendous opportunity to creatively express themselves, share moments, capture experiences, shop and have fun all while being connected.

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